It's Software Free!  Professional Digital Signage on any Existing TV

                   You have a business to RE OPEN - We make promoting it easy.

                           Easily display your great content instantly on your TV

                      Your images display as a slideshow and your written messages

                                scroll across the top of the TV above your images.

                             It's just a TV - A Text Message - and a simple folder

                    Do you have great pictures and videos on your computer or phone? 
                                     Drag and drop them into one simple folder​ 
                                     They instantly start displaying on your TV!

                        Need to remove something from your presentations?
                                   Delete it from the folder and you're DONE!​
                                      They instantly stop playing on your TV

                                      Simple as that!


                                NO NEW SOFTWARE TO LEARN!


                        Send Your TV a Text Message and

                        it scrolls across the top of your TV!    


                                                   INSTANT AND EASY!   

                                 Need to change your scrolling message? 

                              Send a New Text Message and you are DONE!


                  Display your message and promotions with ease


                                       It's just your TV and a Text!                                

                         If you can send a Text Message you can do this!

                          Software Free Digital Signage