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    It's Software Free!  Professional Digital Signage on any Existing TV

                   You have a business to run - We make promoting it easy.

                           Easily display your great content instantly on your TV

                      Your images display as a slideshow and your written messages

                                scroll across the top of the TV above your images.

             It's just a TV - An Email address - and a Folder on your Desktop!

                    Do you have great pictures and videos on your computer? 
                        Drag and drop them into one simple desktop folder​ 
                             They instantly start displaying on your TV!

                        Need to remove something from your presentations?
                               Delete it from the folder and you're DONE!​
                                     It instantly stops playing on your TV

                                      Simple as that!

    You are not always at your PC.  We also give your TV its own email address!

                        Send new pictures by email and they instantly appear on your TV

                                NO NEW SOFTWARE TO LEARN!


                        Send Your TV an Email or Text and

             your message scrolls across the top of your TV!                           

                                                   INSTANT AND EASY!   

                                 Need to change your scrolling message? 

                              Send a New Email or Text and you are DONE!


                  Display your message and promotions with ease


           It's just your TV - A folder on your desktop - and an email address!                                

                               If you can send an Email you can do this!

                          Software Free Digital Signage                   


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