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Q: Can I advertise on your network if I do not have a TV in my business?

A: Yes – only have a TV if it makes sense for your business to have one.

Q: Do you provide the TV?

A: No – Any flat screen TV works with what we offer. Most people just use a TV they already have.

Q: How much of the screen time is about my business and how much is other peoples ads?

A: Your content, images, and scrolling text displays for approximately 5 to 7 minutes. The area advertising plays for approximately 3 to 5 minutes before switching back.

Q: How and how long are my pictures displayed on the other TV's?

A: You can have up to 4 images at any given time on the network. You can have an unlimited number of images on your own TV.  Each image is on the screen for 7 to 10 seconds. The slideshow of ads displays randomly to keep things fresh.

Q: How many times per day will my ads be seen across the area?

A: Several thousand times each day and seen by every possible demographic.

Q: I just want to have my information on my TV. Is this an option?

A: Yes – Promoting others is appreciated but not required.

Q: We do not want to promote my direct competitors but will gladly support everyone else.

A: We never force anyone to display anything or anyone that they do not wish to. We have mapping software to put the right content on the right screens automatically.

Q: I do not want my ads displayed in certain businesses and areas. Can I pick where I am seen?

A: Yes – You control your content completely.

Q: Do you review the other members ads before they show up on my TV?

A: Yes – They go into a holding folder, we give them a quick look before allowing them to display on the network.

Q: Do I have to log into an email account or other site to make this work?

A: No – You just send an email or text to the TV just like you would send to anyone else.

Q: What keeps others from putting bad stuff on my TV? Is it secure?

A: The email address is not “public” and you must start your email or text message with a secret word to trigger the process. This trigger word can be easily changed if needed.

Q: How fast does my latest pictures and scrolls show up on my TV?

A: Typically less than 3 minutes for pictures and less than a minute for the scrolling message.

Q: We tried this with another company and all the ads were about them and not about us.

A: We rely on referrals for new customers – we have very limited LBP content displaying on the network. (Less than 1% of the total advertising time) This is about you, not about us.

Q: $100.00 for every successful referral?

A: Yes!  We share a significant portion of our revenue with our customers.  We get an new client and you get a check!

Q: What if I do not get anything out of this?

A: You get your money back.

Q: Can we put short videos on the other businesses TV?

A: No – We can not control the quality and speed of the various business's internet. Videos may play great at some places and not load at all in others. You can certainly play videos on your own TV.

Q: Do we have to use a specific cable or satellite service to make this work?

A: If you are displaying your own content then you do not have to use any other service.

A: If you are displaying a scrolling message above “regular” TV then you may use any service provider you wish.

Q: We stream a YouTube channel in our waiting room. Can we add a scroll to the top of it?

A: Yes – Anything that displays a signal on your TV through a HDMI port can have our text message based scrolling added to it. If it can be displayed on a TV we can add a scroll to it.  (Even other digital signage software providers!)

Q: Does this change how my TV works?

A: No - Same remotes, same channels, nothing changes.

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