Software Free Message Sharing

     Support from your business neighbors!   Supporting your business neighbors!

        Our members share a bit of their TV time to support their business neighbors. 

             We make sharing effortless.  It is just a group of great local business                                    owners and an email address.  Thanks to all that make this work!

                   You do not have to have a TV to advertise your business.

                                                    Local Means Everything!​

    Your business image and information will be placed in DOZENS of locations in                        businesses around the area with more being added each week.

                                          Click Here to see all of our TV Locations

Unique exposure to thousands of potential and LOCAL customers each and every day.​

                 Don't drive around and distribute flyers - who has time for that!​

                          Sales / Events / Now Hiring / New Products / ANYTHING!


              Easy and Instant Placement of your most current marketing efforts.

Update your message across the area as often as you wish simply by sending an email.


                                         No additional fees or charges EVER.​

           Your yearly membership fee stays the same as our network grows.

Currently your cost per location is less than one cent per day and will only go lower.​

   You only support the area businesses that you want to support - It's your message

     No contracts, no drama, no hassles. A truly local solution in a truly local market.​

                             SIMPLE AS THAT!       LOCAL MEANS EVERYTHING!