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Scrolling messages above Live TV

We offer a messaging solution for those who provide cable or satellite TV for their customers.

Get more out of what you already pay for! Display a scrolling banner directly above whatever your TV is already playing. 

Your scrolling marquee is not overly distracting for your clients during regular programming but is highly noticed and readily consumed by your visitors during the commercial breaks.

Just like our other offerings you can just send your TV an email or text message directly to your TV!

Install one simple device between your TV and its broadcast source and display your content directly where your customers are already looking!  

Change your message instantly by grabbing your phone and sending a new message – Simple as that!

Fun and Useful Features:

Put a “timer number” at the beginning of your message and it will display for that many minutes and then automatically turn off.

Send a blank message and shut off the scroll until you decide to send a new text message.

Any font, any color, any speed, and it includes emogies!

Completely Secure - you control who can update your content.

The way your TV works does not change - same remotes - same available channels.

$765.00 per year for our digital capture device, software provisioning, and scripting fees.

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Package 3 Text over Live TV: Text
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