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                                                                  Your content on Your TV

Share important and timely information on a TV in your business.  You are busy and possibly short handed - Keep every visitor greeted and informed with ease!

100% of your message to 100% of your visitors 100% of the time!

We give your TV it's own dedicated email address. Update pictures and scrolling messages simply by sending an email or even by text message.

No portals to log into or any other software to learn – just grab your phone attach and send. Your content appears within minutes.

Our software takes the most recent 25 images sent to your TV and displays them as a full HD slideshow. Your newest items automatically push out the oldest.

Your text messages (including emogies) scroll above your slideshow of images. Simple and effective!

Fully secure – only you or those you authorize can share content with your TV.

This package includes your ability to display your advertising on our other members TV's. (Package 1)

$200.00 for set up and the hardware needed to make this work in your business.

$365.00 per year for the software fees and membership.

$565.00 for the first year and $365.00 for each year after.

Displaying our local small business news break is optional – It's your TV and you decide what is displayed.

If you choose to participate then just like a regular TV program your content displays for several minutes before going to your area news break. Also - We will never force you to promote anyone or any type of business you do not wish to support.

Approximately 15% of our members do not display the news break.

Approximately 30% of our members pick and choose who they wish to display.

The rest just support everybody! FUN!

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Package 2 Your TV your Message: About
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