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                                                                     Area Shared Messaging

Display your timely and important business information on TV's located in across your area.

These are a great group of local small business owners who share a bit of their in house TV messaging to support you and our small business community,

You do not have to have a TV to participate – We understand that it may not be the best fit for what you do. About 30 percent of our members do not have a TV. All we ask is that you shop local whenever possible.

Our network of TV's share a common email address connected to the cloud. Share your content simply by sending an email. Display up to 4 images at any given time and change your content as often as you wish – simple as that!

No tick charges or costly clicks fees – Just a simple one time set up fee and a dollar per day for the service.

No contracts or auto renewals – If you like what we do then continue to use us – If you do not like what we do then you get your money back. Simple as that!

$100.00 - Creates the space on our “Cloud Server” for your content.

$365.00 - Yearly membership and software fee.

$465.00 - Total first year cost. $365.00 per year after that.

Your referral's mean everything to us.

We share a portion of our revenue with everyone who help us grow.  For every referral that joins our group you receive $100.00!  Simple as that! 

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