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Share Remember Remind for you and your loved ones

In the fall of 2015 one of our business clients asked if we could use our service to help her and her extended family stay connected with their aging father. He lives in a senior center and has signifcant health and cognitive issues and being able to share "life" with him would be so wonderful for everyone. We made it work and were humbled by the results.

Share / Remember / Remind

A passive communication and memory support solution when technology is no longer an option for your special family member.

We give your family members TV an email address allowing your family to share, remember with, and remind with ease, from anywhere at any time. Send Pictures and written notes to any existing TV

It’s just TV – They watch it – They recognize it - They understand it

It’s Just Email – Send all your pictures and memories to them.

Send written messages and reminders simply by sending an email – Keep them in the loop!

A calm and meaningful solution, presented on a platform that they understand and are so familiar with – It’s just TV.

Nothing new for them to learn, no new technology to master, no social media skills to develop – It’s an email message and a TV. Simple as that!

“I wish he could be here to see this” – Take a picture and send it directly from your phone!

“What a great vacation that was – He would love to see this old picture” – Email it!

“I am worried he will skip lunch again today” – Send a reminder!

“He would love to know about this” – Tell him!


My father does not talk much anymore, we turned on his TV and when he saw his wedding pictures from the 1960’s he loudly said “WOW”. I cried. – Christina R, Union Mo

Our Mom needs to be “lovingly nudged” to get her through the day. What was nearly impossible is now simple. She understands what a TV is and responds to the simple notes that we send. – Ed W, Sullivan MO

To be able to gather all the family photographs and sends them to our parents TV has made a huge difference. The memories that are stimulated and the conversations started are priceless. – Martin S, Washington MO

My wife needs to be reminded when I will be coming back for our next visit – now she is reminded every time she looks at her TV. She loves the pictures when our kids were little – Charles Whiteaker, Union.

Simple to set up

A simple low yearly fee of $360.00

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